CDJ 350


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The CDJ-350 is a quality entry-level DJ deck that will play all professional and popular formats on CD or USB, in line with the professional CDJ-2000. And it really comes to life when you connect with your computer

Više detalja

5,099.00 Kn

-1,150.00 Kn

6,249.00 Kn

Cijena za jednokratno plaćanje:
5,099.00 Kn (676.75 €)
Kartice (2-12) rate:
5,506.92 Kn (730.89€)
Kartice (13-24) rate:
5,608.90 Kn (744.43€)

Više informacija

With the deck comes rekordbox™, our own music management software that analyses the BPM and beat position of songs in your library. When you have finished preparing, you can transfer your songs and playlists to a USB device so you can select them by album, artist or genre on your CDJ-350. An industry first feature, DJs can create and edit playlists right on the player.

Set the beat

BPM Lock lets you match tempos of songs with just one button for smooth transitions. Set a master BPM for each deck and all music will be played at that speed.

Check the beat both by sound and vision with the BEAT Display Function, which facilitates scratching and looping. With the Auto Beat Loop function, you can develop loop performances with Beat Loop, Loop Divide and Hot Loop functionality.

Other features include:

  • Transfer songs to a playlist with just one button
  • Excellent vibration-resistance thanks to its Shock-Proof Memory and Floating Architecture
  • Resume function for discs that are removed and later reloaded.