DJM 750MK2


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Pioneer DJM-750MK2 je 4-kanalni mikser koji nasljeđuje ključne značajke i elemente dizajna legendarnog DJM-900NXS2 miksera. Za savršeni DJ setup koristite ga u kombinaciji sa CDJ ili XDJ multiplayerom.

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1 460,00 €

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1 460,00 €
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The new DJM-750 mk2 from Pioneer DJ is a 4-channel mixer designed to take over from the DJM-750 and the DJM-850 and bring versatility into the DJ booth or at home. The DJM-750mk2 comes with a built-in INTERFACE2 for Rekordbox DJ and licence codes for Rekordbox DJ and Rekordbox DVS! So whether you want to use CDJs or turntables, with a laptop or no laptop, the DJM-750mk2 has you covered. Not only that, but it takes many features from the top-of-the-range DJM-900NXS2, including lo-mid-high frequency FX and Magvel crossfader.

Take the step to the DJ booth seamlessly with the DJM-750MK2, a 4-channel mixer which inherits key features and design elements from the DJM-900NXS2, creating a club-style setup when combined with our professional CDJ or XDJ multi players.
You can perform seamless mixes on the DJM-750MK2 thanks to the smooth curves on the EQs and channel faders. The Magvel crossfader, inherited from the DJM-900NXS2, gives a precise response and assured feel during even the most complicated scratch techniques.

PRO FX WITH DETAILED CONTROL: Add texture and flair to your mixes with professional FX inherited from the DJM-900NXS2. 2 effects units combine Sound Color FX and Beat FX – including FX Frequency – giving you the freedom to be creative with sound while always in control.

INDEPENDENT SEND/RETURN: Choose from Aux or Insert send/return to connect different types of FX units on iOS devices such as FX apps, synthesizers and samplers, and combine them with the mixer’s internal FX. A simple connection via USB will ensure high-quality sound.

PROFESSIONAL SOUND QUALITY: Whether you’re playing with digital or analogue sources, high-quality sound is created by the 64-bit digital signal processor, dithering technology, 32-bit A/D converter and 32-bit D/A converter.

SMOOTH EQS & FADERS: The EQs and channel faders on the DJM-750MK2 feature curves equivalent to those on the DJM-900NXS2, which also inspired the Magvel cross fader. The latter is smooth, accurate and durable for more than 10 million movements and its cut lag has been improved for more assured and responsive performance

REKORDBOX DJ BUNDLED: You get a rekordbox dj licence key bundled with this controller. Simply activate your licence key for our DJ software, connect the controller and start DJing.

REKORDBOX DVS BUNDLED: You also get a licence key for rekordbox dvs included in the box for low-latency scratching with CDJs and XDJs. Or play and scratch with tracks from your rekordbox library using analogue turntables and the Control Vinyl (sold separately).

Broj kanala 4
Izlazi 2 MASTER (XLR, RCA), 1 BOOTH (1/4 inch TRS Jack), 2 HEADPHONE MONITOR (1/4 inch Stereo Phone Jack, 3.5mm Stereo mini-jack)
Mic 1 MIC (XLR & 1/4 inch TRS Jack)
ugrađeni efekti Sound Colour FX: Dub Echo Filter Noise Sweep
Beat FX: Delay Echo Flanger Helix Ping Pong Pitch Spiral Reverb Roll Trans Vinyl Brake
Dimenzije 320 mm x 107.9 mm x 387.9 mm
Težina 6.6 kg
Jamstvo Full Manufacturer's Warranty