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  • For Live Stage, Mobile DJs & Clubs
  • 15" Woofer & 1.75" Compression Driver
  • Frequency Response: 40 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Powersoft Class-D Amplifier: 2400W Peak
  • Four EQ Modes
  • Two XLR/TRS Combo + RCA Inputs
  • Rotatable Horn: 90 x 60°
  • Flexible Positions: Floor Wedge Monitor
  • Two Pole Mounts: Straight & Tilted
  • Two Integrated Handles

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10,999.00 Kn

-5,000.00 Kn

15,999.00 Kn

Kartice (2-12) rate:
11,878.92 Kn
Kartice (13-24) rate:
12,098.90 Kn

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The Pioneer XPRS 15 is a 15" 2-way, full range, bass reflex, bi-amped active speaker well suited for mobile DJs, clubs, bands, houses of worship, touring, speaking engagements, or anywhere portable, high-quality audio is required. Delivering a natural, dynamic sound, the compact enclosure is made from 15mm birch plywood and features AFAST technology to drastically reduce internal standing waves that can produce a muffled response in the low to mid ranges. An acoustic tube in the cabinet absorbs just the standing waves, increasing the low-frequency response.

The Pioneer XPRS 15 features a Powersoft amplifier module with 2400W of peak output, and utilizes a 15" ferrite low-frequency cone woofer and a 1.75" titanium-diaphragm compression driver with a neodymium magnet, which combine to offer a frequency response of 40 Hz to 20 kHz with a max SPL of 136 dB.

The rear panel offers two channels of inputs with channel 1 offering a combo XLR/TRS connector and gain control for microphone and line levels, while channel 2 offers a combo XLR/TRS and stereo RCA inputs with line-level gain control. Each channel offers an XLR link output and there is an XLR line out of both channels mixed together. Other features include four EQ mode selections, an external sub crossover switch, and a front-panel LED indicator for power or limiting.

The XPRS 15 offers versatile mounting options and includes a rotatable horn for vertical or horizontal placement which allows the speaker to be used as a floor monitor. Additionally, there are two pole cups (0/7°), which offer strait or angled deployment, to help direct the sound where it's needed most. The Pioneer XPRS 15 ships with a power cord.

Hardwood Enclosure
  • 15mm birch plywood cabinet delivers a natural, dynamic sound
  • Pioneer’s AFAST technology drastically reduces standing waves that can produce a muffled response in the low to mid ranges
  • Acoustic tube in the cabinet absorbs standing waves, increasing the low-frequency response
High-Quality Drivers
  • LF: 15.0" ferrite woofer
  • HF: 1.75" titanium-diaphragm compression driver
Powersoft Class-D Amplifier
  • Reliable and high-powered performance
  • Class-D amp modules produce 2400W (peak) or 1200W (continuous) output
  • The amps are equipped with Power Factor Correction (PFC) to reduce power consumption while ensuring reliability and a steady performance in all environments
  • The auto-ranging power supply provides compatibility for the XPRS Series anywhere in the world. Venues with generators or temporary power supplies can expect the same high-quality sound
Advanced Protection
  • Amplifier protection
    • Thermal limiting: Cuts off to prevent overheating
    • Output overcurrent: Reduces the speaker’s output to safe levels in the event of output overcurrent
  • Speaker protection
    • DC offset removal: Shuts down to prevent further damage if the speaker blows
    • Stationary high-frequency protection: Protects the speaker from loud bursts such as feedback
    • Input voltage limiter: Peak and RMS
    • Output voltage limiter: Cuts the LF and compression drivers separately when either reach their peak
  • Power protection
    • AC mains over-voltage protection: Protects against power surges
  • Status LED on the front of the cabinet has three settings —power, limiter, or off—giving an optional visual reference to the status of the speaker
Four EQ Modes
  • Flat: Neutral production of the source audio
  • Bass +: Amplifies the bass for dance music events
  • Speech: Produces clear vocal sounds for seminars and speeches
  • Wedge: Reduces the low frequencies to give a more balanced sound if you’re using the speaker as a floor monitor
Multiple Mounting Options
  • Rotatable Horn: Mount the speaker vertically and horizontally
  • Horn Dispersion: 90 x 60°
  • Rotate the horn by 90° for flexibility in mounting the speaker vertically or horizontally to choose the coverage to suit your space
  • Wedge: For use as floor monitor
  • Pole Mount: 0 and 7° pole mounts allow for straight or tilted operation to direct the sound exactly where you need it
Flexible Inputs and Outputs
  • The speaker has two balanced XLR/TRS combo sockets and an unbalanced RCA connection, so you can connect a mic and other external devices at the same time, including using an optional aux cable to connect and play directly from portable audio players, line-level mixers and tablets/smartphones
  • Each input can be controlled individually or using the master controls for lines one and two
  • Two balanced XLR through output terminals enable easy connection to other speakers and subs